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Bemo is made with extensive research to aid your therapy,

your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes for different things.

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Nirja, Marketing professional

"I decided to try the app because I had a lot of trouble sleeping. I wanted to learn to manage my thoughts in a better way. Something to bring me some mental peace to sleep at night"


Hemanth, IT engineer

“I couldn't focus on my work and had a bad break-up. My therapist was very patient and helped me build a daily routine that helps me be more focused and yet manage how I feel.”


Who are Bemo therapists?



Our team comprises of leading therapists. Therapists can seek therapy while practising using the app.

We work with senior therapists closely on our product development, recommendation logic, and to stay on top of the latest research findings. Therapists discuss the newest research on Bemo community.

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